St. John’s Wort Oil

It is obtained from herb St. John’s Wort by maceraiton method. It has the effect of relieving the pain and burns in the stomach and intestinal system and facilitating digestion. It is very effective especially in the treatment of wounds and burns. It has analgesic effects in sciatic pain, muscle, back and waist pain. It is used as a local anti-microbial agent for its antiseptic properties. It can be used safely in all age groups and geographies.

Application Scopes: Gastric duodenal ulcers, gastritis, all dispeptic complaints, irritable bowel syndrome all wound-burn cases

Contains: Macerated St. John’s Wort Oil (Hypericum perforatum).

Usage in Pregnancy: Can be used safely.

Age Restriction: No age restriction.

Recommended Usage
 Adults: 3 times a day 5cc (hungry)
 Children: 3 times a day 2-5 cc Package Info: 100 ml glass bottle.