Sage Oil

It is obtained from sage with distillation method.

Application Scopes: It is used in upper respiratory tract infections such as tonsillitis, sore throat, excessive sweating, pharyngitis, laryngitis. Because its antibacterial and antiseptic effect is very significant. The substance called cineol has anti-tussive effect. It is useful in menopause, infertility, menstrual irregularities, and hirsutism due to its phytoestrogenic structure. It is very effective in night sweatings due to its anti-hydrotic feature.

Contains: Distilled Sage Oil (Salvia officinalis).

Age Restriction: Aged 2+

Recommended Usage
Adults: 3 times a day 4-5 drop
Children: 1-2 drop in a day Package Info: 20 ml glass dropper bottle.