Orange Oil

It is obtained from orange with distillation method.

Application Scopes: It improves the absorption of vitamin C by regulating digestion and helps urinate uric acid, bile, excess salt and similar toxins. It has antidepressant effects. At menopause and menstruation period, its reported that it can show sedative and relaxing effects. It is effective in anxiety. It has been reported that it may be effective in relieving rheumatic aches and may result in pain reduction when applied to painful areas due to its pain-relieving effects. I t has been shown to be a remedy for irritated areas and effective as a moisturizer. It has aphrodisiac effects and it is important for increasing sexual desire.

Contains: Distilled Orange Oil (Citrus cinensis).

Age Restriction: Aged 2+

Recommended Usage
 Adults: 3 times a day 4-5 drop
 Children: 1-2 drop in a day
 Package Info: 20 ml glass droppper bottle.